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The air valve is the driving heart of an Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump, it is directing the compressed air to the area behind the diaphragms.

Air Valves on Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

The air valve is the driving heart of an Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump, it is directing the compressed air from the air inlet to the area behind the diaphragms causing the diaphragm to pushing it away from the center of the pump towards the outside of the pump. Air valves on Diaphragm Pumps are placed in the center of the pump between the diaphragms, this to minimize air ways and dead volumes.

AODD Pumps use both internal air valve or external air valve designs and positions (OEM dependent). External air valves have an advantage when it come to serviceability. Easy to disassemble for service or replacement. No matter what your Diaphragm pump uses, both designs have a proven performance record.

In general we can say that an air valve used on a Diaphragm Pump is maintenance free with no lube air, due to the internal seals used. Materials used for the air valve body may vary from brass, aluminum, plastic or stainless steel grades.

Air Valve Issues

When an Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump comes to an unexpected stop, it can be severe to your diaphragm pump or process. You first thing you want to understand what the issue caused. Is it on the air end or on the wet end side. If the root cause is on the air end side, you will be focusing on both the air valve assembly and/or an optional pilot valve that might be installed on your AODD Pump.

Dirty air is the most common cause of air end issues. If any dirt is seen during disassembly and evaluation of the air valve an inline filter might be a good option to eliminate it. If dirt is not present, but process medium is, you may have a diaphragm failure or an diaphragm or piston assembly issue. Check both options and resolve it. Once you have cleaned, inspected and replaced the components, the main air valve (and optional pilot valve) can be reinstalled on the pump.

In many cases, to save time and rule out components, end users will keep complete spare air valves (and optional pilot valves) on the shelf for test purposes in case of pump failure. Wear components on the main air valve are a series of Seals (multiple materials), Gaskets, Hardware, O-Rings or U-Cup Seals and sold as complete air valve replacement kit.

Note that servicing air valves need certain skills and training and in many cases special tools and assembly procedures. Ensure that only well trained maintenance and repair personnel with technical understanding and skills carrying out these necessary tasks. This to prevent damage to your pump or process.


When servicing an air valve on your AODD pump do not under any circumstance use solvent cleaners such as WD40 as a lubricant or a cleaner for your air valve. Solvent cleaners dry and degrade air valve lube free seals or o-rings.

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